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S C Judgment in EPS95 higher pension case

 SC has delivered judgment in EPS 95 Higher pension case on 4th November 2022
Congratulations to all beneficiaries of the land mark judgment of Supreme court on 4th Nov, 2022 in our EPS 95 higher pension case. This case was fought by NCOA/NCR in SC with full dedication and commitment to secure justice to all EPS 95 scheme members. Senior most advocates of SC were put to argue our case and lot of efforts were made at all fronts by NCOA/ NCR to bring this case to the logical end which was being unnecessarily dragged by EPFO to deny the legitimate right of the lakhs of employees in spite of the various judgments from different Hon’ble High courts. NCOA/NCR team, advocate on record Mr Prushottam Sharma Tripathi, our legal team and experts of this case worked day and night to make this case strong in court in our favour and demolish the false arguments of EPFO. Ultimately, we won this case, so we extend our thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed and helped in any way through funds, advise, legal support and cooperation at different stages.

Our special thanks to Shri Pravin Kohli Ji for his great contribution through valuable inputs and advice to make this uphill task achieved. We also thank and express our gratitude to the Hon’ble Supreme court for this historical judgment.

Salient features of this land mark judgment as per our interpretation

1.       R C Gupta judgment was upheld, so pre 01-09-2014 retirees are to be covered under R C Gupta case judgment

2.       There is no difference between Exempted and unexempted establishments for the purpose of pension and enhanced pension extension.

3.       Working and post 01-09-2014 retires are eligible for higher pension through joint option within 4 months as per 04-11-2022 judgment