Public Sector is the engine of economic growth of the country and plays vital role in socio-economic development of the country


The National Confederation of Officers Associations of Central Public Sector Undertakings (NCOA) was formed in 1985 as an Apex Body of Officers of Central Public Sector Undertakings. It has organized the Officers of the Central Public Sector under one roof, in order to provide them with a sense of identity. When the Govt, of India started disinvestments the definition of Central Public Sector Undertaking for the purpose of membership was changed to mean any undertaking in which the Government of India had a commercial presence by way of equity.

Issues taken up by NCOA

During its twenty years history some of the important issues that were taken up by NCOA:

1. National Issues 

White Paper: During the Prime Ministership of Shri Rajiv Gandhi the Government of India had committed in the Parliament that jt would produce a White Paper on the Public sector. When the Govt, of India failed to produce a White Paper, NCOA produced an Approach Paper on the White Paper. Since then there have been several Publication on major policy issues relating to the public sector.

On several occasions the NCOA was invited by the Parliamentary Committee of Public Undertakings and the Standing Committee on Industry to make submission on various issues relating to the Public sector.

NCOA was one of the founders of the National Working Group on Patent Law to fight for the preservation of the Indian Patent Law and strengthen the Indian struggle to withstand international pressure to force India to Join the Paris Convention. The Working Group has since graduated into an important agency in India peoples struggle against unfair trade agreements being brought through the World Trade. Organization. NCOA participated in Cancun Mexico in the NGO forums during the 5th Ministerial Conference.
NCOA has been a founder member of the All India Peoples Science movement that has pioneered literacy and science communications.

2. Privatization

NCOA successfully undertook struggles against the first two attempts to privatize the public sector

Scooter India Limited:    NCOA formed a high level committee under the Chairmanship of Shri R. C. Dutt Former, Secretary Steel and Director General BPE with Sarva Shri Ajit Chaterjee Former CMD, HEC & MAMC T. S. Kannan Former CMD R & C, NSIC V. Krishnan Former CMD BPCL & Scooters India S. Soundararajan Former CMI Scooters India Representatives of the Officers, Supervisor Associations and Trade Unions of Scooters India and NCOA.

The Committee analysed the Government of Indias proposal for handing over Scooters India to M/s Bajaj and recommended against the move.


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